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How to know from which directory user has invoked msi and pass directory to custom action

February 27, 2010 2 comments
Hi ,
Recently i came across with one of requirement , to pass sourcedirectory to msi custom actions.Here source directory refers to location from which msi has been invoked.Initially It was very tuff for me to look for Directory in which msi is present.
So i used the help of log file , which is generated during msi installation,There i came across with keyword used by MSI.These keywords hold values same during installation of msi. I saw property named as "SourceDir"
I just passed SourceDir has one of the custom paramter to custom action .Here is customactiondata value "/SourceDirectory=[SourceDir]" , u can also any other MSI paramter to custom action fi you need like ProductCode,verison number of product
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