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When to go for XBAP,WPF and Silverlight

Recently , i have given session on Silver light 4. Where Participants posted be question of Differences between Silverlight ,XBAP and WPF. Though I have given answer in the session, i want to make sure other participant who could not turn session and having same doubt to clarify.

Firstly: XBAP is XAML Browser application , It require .NET Framework to installed on the machine where it runs. it is Deployed through Click Once, which means when you run app, it will get updated with latest version. XBAP application should be online and run in Browser scope. It is almost same as WPF but with Browser scope. It works on only Window Operation. I think it is best option for intranet browser applications.WCF not supported. Only FireFox and IE

Secondly Silverlight, It is require .NET Compact framework to be present in Browser. It works very where indepedent of platform and browser. it has limitation of Triggers(u can create behaviour or make use of expression blend to implement triggers in SL), No DynamicResource. Rendered along with HTML content

Thirdly WPF. WPF Applicaton requires .NET Frame work 3.0 and above. Silverlight is subset of WPF.It Can used for Offline Applications.Deployement through Click once or MSI. Older version can also work along with new version .Application is another windows Process .Rich Graphics and 3D Dimension animation. Application installs in ADD/Remove control Panel.

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