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Tips on Silverlight

June 30, 2011 Leave a comment


I want to share a tip, while developing silver light, always you ensure that your silver light object tag contain parameter windowless = false. and also don’t set background color as transparent in object tag, In case if u want background color of silver light apps is same as HTML background, create silver light app with background color of HTML, which can definitely improves the performance of the application.


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HT Session 10 – Silverlight Depedency Property

June 10, 2011 Leave a comment


Last Night, I had session on Silver light/WPF Dependency Property and it’s uses. Incase if you missed out opportunity to attend the session. Here is the presentation and Demo

Presentation:- Dependency Property

Demo :- DependencyPropertyHT10

to access demo, download docx file and change extension to .zip,then extract files.


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HT Session 9 – Silverlight Converters

June 8, 2011 Leave a comment

After a gap of one week break, I started giving demo’s on silverlight . This time i started off with converters in silver light. converters are most important in the today of LOB. Convertion of data into different format is done through Converter.

They are 2 types of Converters:
– Type Converters
– Value Converters

Type Converters are used in Silver light custom control and attach these converter as attribute on top of dependency property. For example : when we edit xaml control with background=”Blue”, SL takes string “Blue” and pass string to type converter. Then type converter converts into Hex decimal color and paints background with hex decimal value.

Value converter are used in silver light application, where there is necessity of conversion of Data into expected format.

Here is the recorded Session

You can download PPT Silverlight Converters

You can download Code from here SLValueConverter
Replace .docx with ZIP format and extract.

Happy coding…


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