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Session HT 11 Attached Property in silverlight


On 10th June of 2011, I given session on Attached Property. I explained what is meant by attached property, How to implement attached property in silverlight. What is necessity of creating of attached property

What is Attached Property?

It is a special type of Dependency property which can be set and read to/from any instance of any Dependency Object (not limited to the declared owner types, as with a regular Dependency Property)

Here are Pro’s and Cons’
– because of attached property like Canvas.Left,Canvas.Top etc, you can make use of this property in other class( i mean controls) ;
– Avoiding the artificial properties required by external classes to function;
– Many advantages from the dependency properties model are coming out of the box for the attached properties such as caching, data binding, default values, expressions, styling (which is nothing more than a set of predefined property values), property invalidation .

– Need to have understanding of syntax for attached property registering;
– Confusing for someone who isn’t familiar with this concept;
– Chance of Performance Degradation .

To Know further information, Please check this URL for recorded version of

Download Presentation from here Attached Property

Here is the demo code:AttachedPropertyHT10

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