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HT Session on Silverlight Application


On July 12th, I had given session on Silverlight Application class. What is meant by Application class, don’t confuse with general term Application, In Silverlight, we have class called Application which acts like container for showing up of your silverlight application. It provided with events like Application Entry Point,Application Lifetime,Application Management,Application-Scoped Resources,Unhandled Exception Detection

App.xaml is the first class which executed first from Silverlight Application. So it is considered to be entry point of your app. If u r creating your own Custom App.xaml, ensure that customapp inherits from Application class which present in namespace System.Windows

App class contains Application_Startup event which has StartupEventArgs parameter, StartupeventArgs has initParams. For example, if want to pass information to your silverlight application, we have add param key in html page like this

StartupeventArgs .initParams returns Dictionary of input values, we access values by using keys.

I have discussed more on this application class in detail in this video


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  1. larry kingdom
    October 6, 2011 at 2:05 am

    You got me thinking. I should spend more time here and learn from you

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