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Visual Studio 2013 Code Lens Feature

November 7, 2013 Leave a comment

New Feature in VS 2013 reduces the developer effort in getting quick answer to code and more productive, It’s named “Code Lens” aka Code information Indicator . With this feature integrated with TFS 2013, we have information flowing from TFS directly into Code Editor. Code Lens (Code Information Indicators) in Visual Studio 2013   places decorators on each of the methods in your code that show information such as what change sets led to the creation or recent change, who was the last person to work on the code, what unit tests cover the method (including the latest pass/fail state), and what code references exist. You can also quickly jump into that data, such as an associated change set or referenced code file with just a click.

  • Finding All References of Method.

Previous I use to right click on Method Name and select “Find All” references in Context Menu, to know where exactly this method is used in solution. Now in visual studio 2013, I can see All reference has method decorator.  Below is sample


On Mouse Click on References, I see all referenced location (results) as pop up ,Also there is a scroll bar (if needed) to allow moving through multiple entries:


  • Unit Test cases.

Can find tests that are associated with Method. The Show Tested By option will show what tests are associated with your code and an overall status indicator:

14 13

review the test’s results in test project, choose the test status indicator failed or success

  • Code MAP.


To visualize these references, create a code map from the reference list or from the code editor.

  • Bug Indicator.
  • 16

Number of bugs associated with Method

  • Change List.

17 18

Number of change sets affected this code, Visual Studio shows who checked in change sets for this code in your current branch. To contact the change set owner over LYNC

  • Code Review and Work Item Details . Either open the code review request or contact the requester.


To Turn On this feature

Go to Tools | Options | Text Editor | All Languages | Code Information Indicators:


and many more.. Please refer to this URL for more information. -Mahender

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